General Information

The International Research School (IRS) is a project initiated by  the All-Russian Movement of Creative Teachers “Researcher”, the Moscow State Center for Youth, and Lyceum № 1553 “Litsey na Donskoy", Moscow State Pedagogical University. The event is supported by the Moscow Department of Education and the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science & Technology (MILSET). The main goal of the event is to give schoolchildren from different counties and regions of Russia an opportunity to carry out express-projects in various fields of science and technology. The students work at the projects in international teams (the working language is English) and are supposed to complete their works within 5 days. Then the projects are presented to a committee of experts and other participants of the IRS. The original design of the projects is developed by tutors - young scientists from Russia and other countries - using modern methods of research. The IRS offers its participants interesting scientific and cultural programs. They have lectures on topical subjects, communication and team-building trainings, sports activities and tours to the Kremlin, Lomonosov Moscow State University,  and other places of great cultural and historic value. Delegation leaders have the opportunity to join the special workshop on psychology and teaching methods. The 7th International Research School will be held June 22 – July 2, 2014 in a Moscow region.

  • 10 April  Final registration for 7th IRS

    Today we are opening the Final registration for the 7th IRS !

  • 16 January  Welcome to the 7th IRS

    We are happy to announce that Pre-Registration for the 7th International Research School has started.

  • 2 July  IRS 6 is over! See you in a year!

    Yesterday evening the IRS6 participants had a farewell party – a sad and a funny event at the same time.

  • 1 July  IRS 2013: Projects Complete!

    This morning the IRS project groups presented the results of their work here to the committee of experts and their new friends – other School participants.

  • 30 June  Kolontaevo

    The first class hotel and natural resort “Kolontaevo” - located 27 kilometers east of Moscow - is a place of beautiful sceneries and rich history.

  • 28 June  IRS 6: Scientific Shows, Traditional Games and Songs, Sports

    The International Research School is not only lab work and scientific experiments. It is cross-cultural communication and entertainment as well.

  • 27 June  It’s now a well-established tradition to have a Cultural Evening at every IRS

    It’s now a well-established tradition to have a Cultural Evening at every IRS. This time – pretty much as we had expected – it was really good fun! Lots of singing, dancing, laughing…and good food! It’s impossible to describe the whole atmosphere in words